Keto Chocolate Filled Raspberry Dessert!


So, I have to say that I really am a bad experimenter. I made too much “chocolate” so I am unsure how many raspberries it would have filled. But there were around 1.5 net carbs in these 3.

1/2t refined coconut oil
1/4t unsweetened cocoa powder
A few drops of liquid stevia.

Mic chocolate ingredients together.  If you need to, add more coconut oil.  Carefully scoop into the raspberries and put them in the freezer for a minute.  The chocolate will harden. Don’t be afraid to DEVOUR them after!


One thought on “Keto Chocolate Filled Raspberry Dessert!

  1. Hi there! I searched for #keto on Instagram today, and one of your photos came up. I clicked on your Instagram and I saw that you have an orange puff like I do! I checked to see if I could email you, but I figured I’d send you a comment here to say HIIII. You can delete this if you want to, haha. Here is my Mr. Orange.

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