Keto Popsicles!

Good Morning Friends!

These are probably the easiest popsicles I have ever made. Going forward, I will remove the seltzer water since it just settles to the bottom. I originally thought that it would be needed to help the whipping cream freeze, but these popsicles would be fine without it!

Ingredients (for one):
1/4 C Heavy Whipping Cream
1/8 C Sugar Free Torani Syrup ( I used peach for one and strawberry for the other)
1 T Seltzer Water (can leave out)

Combine all ingredients and mix with an immersion blender.
Pour into a popsicle mold and freeze until ready! Usually around 3 hours.

Macros for one: 

1/4 C HWC  200 20 1.6 0
1/8 C SF Syrup 0 0 0 0
1 T Seltzer Water 0 0 0 0
TOTAL:  200 20 1.6 0









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